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Khaled Khorab

Coaching Funnel

60 appointments in just 45 days for a business coach 🥳

We helped Khaled to grow the business 5x times by creating a powerful call booking funnel. Later we optimized the funnel by adding a personalized video and copywriting. In just 45 days we were able to get confirmed 60 appointments by running facebook campaigns. Moreover, the email automation made it easy to upsell a high ticket consulting service.

Course Selling Funnel

Decreased 50% Lead Cost and Scaled up Business in Just 90 Days 💸

After understanding the business of client Kristen we designed an exclusive call booking funnel for computer training. Initially, Kristen struggled to generate leads using her website. And the cost per lead was going too high*($200). But by creating a funnel we made it smooth for our client to achieve 200% ROI by decreasing the lead cost by almost 50% in just 3 months. Now the cost per lead is $10 and call booking is $45. In the first few days, we did A/B testing while running Facebook Ads and continuously optimized Facebook ads to bring down the cost per lead.




Shanon Preston

Low Ticket Funnel

Bought 500 Customers in 6 Weeks Using 3H Funnel Method 🎯

Starting an online business from scratch was never easy. But we took the responsibility to scale up the business from zero to hero. Right from setting up a sales funnel to running facebook ads, copywriting to email automation we did everything to help shanon preston generate 500 paying customers. In just 6 weeks we were able to drive traffic, book calls, convert customers, and made high profits.

Ebook Funnel

5000+ Free E-Books Downloads Helped to Get More Than 200 Paid Customers 🔥

We created a simple ebook funnel with two steps to achieve the goal of maximum free downloads. After market research and competition analysis, we created a complete funnel. First created offers to download the ebook for free, and next is a thank you page with a video presenting an amazing offer to upgrade to a paid offer. This is how we helped client sally to get 200+ paid clients and generate revenue of more than $20k in less than 60 days.


Sally Forrest



SAAS Funnel

Improved Visibility By 500% & Generated 10 times more sales 😁

Incorporating a strong funnel marketing strategy we achieved huge visibility as well as maximized the sales part for our client Trevor. The opt-in funnel was aligned with the best copy and online campaigns to reach and engage target audiences at the right time. In August 2021, we started running ads and we got 100 sales in the first 32 days with very little ad spend. It's all because we used the remarketing strategies using personalized videos in ads.

Ecom Product Funnel

Integrated Sales Funnel with Latest Tools & Skyrocketed Sales by 413% 🤑

The client was struggling to decide which funnel will actually work for their business as the product was not that high priced and most importantly they were just starting. So we decided not to just build a sales funnel, also use the latest tools to track results and optimize the social media campaigns accordingly. We also created beautiful pop-ups and integrated payment gateways with all major email services. That's how marketing funnels for our client did wonders and increased sales by 413% after 6 weeks.





Local Business Service Funnel

3H Funnel Method Generating Over 20-40 Call Booking Appointments Every Month 😲

Funnelheros created a customized sales funnel that helped Annabelle scale up her stagnated business up to 149% in just 100 days. Initially, we studied the competitor's insights and monitor the behavior of audiences. Then we created a call booking funnel and promoted it across different social media platforms. Though in the early stage we struggled to reach potential audiences. But after 2 weeks we started getting quality leads with much lower lead costs and that's how our client was able to book 20-40 appointments. And that's how annabelle scaled up her business and generated revenue.

MLM & Info Product Funnel

Combination of Funnel and Facebook Ads to Speed up Sales in 30 Days upto 56%

After understanding the business nature of Eric, the Funnel Heros team designed customized funnels, integrated them with tools, and ran Facebook ads. Since the business was highly competitive and overcrowded, we had to do something unique to stay ahead of competitors. We simply sent the traffic to the training video page and generated more than 100+ booked calls to sell that $1799 product.


Eric Campbell


Funnel Heros-leads

3.6 Million Result from a Long-Term Client

This is from one of our old customers. He is a digital marketing coach. He offers done-for-you services to other coaches who want to build their online courses. Our selling system made him 3.6 Million in just 1.5 years of working with us.

Funnel Heros-leads

3.8k in just 15 days for a mindset and spiritual coaching business

We helped a Money Mindset Coach to transform her old funnel into a high-converting funnel. We were able to increase conversion by changing all components of copy and design. We boosted the average order value by implementing upsell and downsell pages. Our funnel system helped her make 3.8k in just 15 days.

Funnel Heros-leads

286k in 9 months for a real estate
coaching business

We helped Marketing And Conversion Group set up a sales funnel that attracts and converts real estate agents and loan officers. After working with us, they were able to make 286k in just 9 months.

Numbers Don’t Lie…

Behind Successful Funnels & Ads


Digital Coach


Coaching & Mastermind


Cryptocurrency Course


Health & Fitness


Marketing Agency


Real Estate Agent


Interior Designer


Money Making Coach


Real Estate Coach


Kristin - ACT

Increased conversion
rate from 2% to 10%

We Used 3H Hero Funnel Strategy.

Funnel Heros

A Strategy Session Can make you fortune if you belive it...

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