Meet Our 10x Team.
The Real Funnel Heros

Funnel Heros-akash

Akash Gangadhare

Founder & Head of Growth

Founder & CEO of FunnelHeros- started his agency on a mission to help small-medium business owners. He is Full Funnel Marketing’s go-to numbers guy with an impressive understanding of how Digital Marketing works.

His innovative ideas perfectly align with clients’ product and/or business goals.  Before starting FunnelHeros he refined his skills working with different advertising agencies and organizations for almost a half decade. 

Funnel Heros-faiza

Faiza Batool

Head of Marketing

A true marketing believer. Since entering the workforce she has worked with dozens of clients. As a marketing and sales expert she handled an assorted array of projects and was able to contribute greatly to the success of each.

Faiza thrives on the feel-good energy of happy clients and dynamic internal teams.

Funnel Heros-kalpna

Kalpana Bandekar


Kalpana guides and supports our marketing team. Her 5+ years of experience delivering marketing solutions to more than 100+ clients, gives her insight into the unique needs to boost business with digital marketing strategies.

As a social butterfly, she loves working with small-medium size business owners and being a part of an innovative team that is continuously upgrading skill sets.

Yukta Pisat

Funnel Builder & Website Developer

Passionate about web development and funnel building.  She spends most of her time in many areas of web development and helping clients to build and improve their online presence. 

No matter what type of funnel you are looking for, her expertise will make your funnel a hero in the market. 

Funnel Heros-sharmishta

Sharmistha Panda

Facebook Ad Expert

As a Facebook Ad specialist, She closely works with clients to ensure that they get the best possible return on their advertising investment. Her primary focus has been setting up, monitoring and optimizing Facebook Ads to generate revenue and project output.

Over the course of his career she’s gotten the opportunity to work with a range of clients and industries across the globe.

Funnel Heros-abhineet

Abhineet Ranjan

Tech & Automation

His deep passion for technology & automation landed him to work with Funnelhero as an Automation Specialist.

Abhineet has spent more than 3 years working in agencies, both full time and as a freelancer, which brings a fresh perspective to the table. He is very comfortable solving complex technical glitches for digital products.

Funnel Heros-sharmishta

Sharmistha Panda

Google Ad Expert & SEO Analyst

Since 2016, Sharmistha has devoted herself to working in the world of digital marketing and specializing in high-level SEO and PPC for businesses as well as agencies. 

Her main focus is to utilize paid marketing and assist clients in multiple areas of digital marketing when needed.  She loves working with awesome and creative people for professional development and learning opportunities.

Funnel Heros

Ye Man

Copywriter & Market Research Analyst

Ye Man is a young & energetic part of the team who uses his creative expertise to produce unique and impactful copywriting skills for our clients. He gets to learn about the niches while making content for our awesome clients.

With a strong interest in branding and content, FunnelHeros was the perfect opportunity to showcase his creativity and copywriting skills.

Funnel Heros-mrudula

Mradula Shetty


Mrudula has vast years of experience in content and copywriting skills. Conducts keyword research to guide strategy, as well as writes and edits any form of content that will help customers achieve their goals.

She has a hand in everything from short, conversion optimization text to long-form blog posts and her most favorite copywriting.

Funnel Heros

William J.

Market Research Analyst & Copywriter

William is an ambitious marketer researcher who finds delight in finding compelling market trends and data for businesses within various industries.

He turns the collected marketing data into insights to support data-informed decision making.  Apart from the marketing world, his keen interest in sales made him try hands in copywriting too.