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Frequently Asked Question

Yes, the bot can be customized as per your specific business details.

You can simply send us the questions and answers you want to teach the bot. For example:
Question: “What time is your gym open?”
Answer: “We are open from 5:45 am to 9 pm.”
You can add as many questions and answers as you need.

When a lead is added to LeadCenter, they will receive an initial message from the system. Once the lead responds, the bot takes over the conversation.

The bot is currently set up in two folders within LeadCenter:
1. New Lead Campaign
2. Reactivation Campaign
If you wish to set up the bot in another workflow, please contact us with the “Folder Name -> Workflow Name”

The bot will stop responding once a user takes over the conversation.

Yes, it’s mandatory to send SMS.

– If a lead stops responding, the bot will wait for up to one day to receive a reply.
– If a response is received during that time, the bot will pick up the conversation from where it left off.
– If there’s no response within one day, the bot will time out.

Typically, the bot can display availability for up to 7 to 8 days. (This can be Changed.)

It usually takes 3-4 working days to get the bot up and running.

If you need urgent assistance with bot-related matters, we’ve got you covered.
You can either click on the “Chat With US” button at the bottom of this page or reach out to us via email at

Yes, we do provide updates.

The setup charge is $149, and the recurring costs depend on your LeadCenter subscription.

No, a purchase is required to use the bot.

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